Cole Got Cucked Hard

by Jack Hornwood

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Publication Date : May 6, 2020

This was an interesting read and a hot one as well. The cuckolding and cheating themes might have been covered in Erotica books in general but not in a big way in gay erotica despite both becoming more trending and arousing among the gay men these days. Through this story, Jack Hornwood dives deep into this main subject with the two wonderful but flawed characters he has created for this story. Like every human being, both are not perfect and have their own charm and flaws which makes them very believable. As a reader, you might side up with one of them more than the other or you just might sit there and enjoy this roller coaster ride which is filled with thrills and lust! What I really appreciate here is that the author gave us both the point of views of the main characters so we get to see things from their eyes and judge them from their perspectives. This truly made it a very fluid experience for me. The story, in short, is about Kenneth who keeps cheating on his boyfriend Cole. When Cole finds out, he gets mixed reactions that confuse him, there is anger and then there is the feel of being turned on. There is humiliation and there is the feeling of this new lust inside him! Has he become a cuckold? That is what you will know when you read the story but don’t let this fool you because the story has more to it than that if this itself is not enough to interest you.

The first chapter is narrated from Cole’s perspective and the second from Kenneth’s. The narration is alternated like that through the book. The first two chapters set the atmosphere of the book, with Cole sitting in the coffee shop waiting for Kenneth to be back from a long restroom visit. Nothing is suspicious to Cole. But Kenneth’s story is different! and we get to see his first cheating encounter in the book (He must’ve cheated before that a lot) with one of the waiters. “It had only taken a few seconds before he was in there behind me, running his hands over my ass and reaching round to fondle my nuts and my already semi-hard shaft”. This is a hot bareback public fuck scene with Kenneth giving us all his inner thoughts of how much he was aroused by doing it there while his boyfriend sitting not far away! And from the cafe, the two will have to go to their friends’ Paul and Adam’s birthday party. From the incident in the coffee shop one would think that Kenneth might be a slut, but once in the party and with all the things that happen one is certain that Kenneth is not just a slut but THE Slut! It seems all men in the town are aware of that except Cole. When it comes to his sexual desires and lust, Kenneth is so cool with himself and what he is. “My reputation has obviously preceded me because they seem to already know that I’ll fuck anything with a cock”. I can’t help it but feel so attracted to Kenneth, his attitude, and his sluttiness!

The plan at the party is to get Cole drunk by one of the husbands so the other one would take Kenneth upstairs and fucks him! The first husband to fuck Kenneth is Paul. Jack Hornwood has written the sex scenes with so much passion and lots of lust (You will see me repeating this word because the book has plenty of it!). The way these erotic scenes are planned and described will definitely get you in a very horny mood. There is this rimming scene in which Paul spreads Kenneth’s ass cheeks and feast on the hole kissing and licking it, followed by a hard bareback fucking scene with Paul pounding Kenneth’s hole good and hard while the bitch as Paul calls him whimpers and moans loudly! “I’m loving this fuck so much I’ve almost forgotten where I am; and anyway, the thought of fifty guests downstairs hearing me get my ass wrecked makes me even more turned on”. What a slut!. After Paul, it is Adam’s turn who like his husband also thought that Kenneth has the most amazing cunt. Kenneth being the slut he keeps begging Adam to fuck him. He needed Adam’s load inside too. And again I can’t praise the author enough for his choice of words to describe the bliss Kenneth was feeling as his hole was being fucked hard by these men. “I’m in cockwhore heaven; I can feel his ballsack slap against mine each time he slams my sloppy ass. I almost forget where I am, and I start to moan and mewl like a little bitch each time he drives himself into me.”. As Adam was breeding Kenneth the door opened and James came in. Soon Kenneth had another cock in his mouth while the other fucking his chute. The scene ends with a fantastic climax with Adam shooting his load inside Kenneth’s hole while James shooting his load in Ken’s mouth and all over his face. Kenneth is such a cumwhore!

The next adventure of Kenneth happens during his morning run. He tells us his usual ritual “I go out running. Especially the times I go out wearing next to nothing, and come home smelling of cum and other guys’ sweat. If he ever does notice he never says a thing though”. He loves freeballing while running in his tiny mesh shorts so that his cock and balls keep bouncing up and down all the time. Heading to the cruising area in the park where he finds a young guy in his twenties. This is a fun anonymous sex scene that shows Kenneth’s slutty side even more and his hunger for cock. Very arousing and shows how much he loves all men’s cocks. After sucking the guy off he bends for him and takes it all up his ass. The guy cums in him and leaves, but there is another man who’s been watching and aroused. Kenneth being the cumwhore he is asks him to have his turn! “I want you to cum inside me, I want your load”. It will be very hard for any man to reject Kenneth. The guy is in heat all the time and needs his ass filled.

Jack Hornwood makes the characters unfold themselves gradually, their feelings from inside and outside. This is something one can appreciate as it helps in making the characters believable. At this point, Kenneth’s thrill from cheating on Cole might have worn out somehow, and he was ready for the new thrill and that is cucking Cole! He seduced his boyfriend to have sex with him despite having two loads inside his ass. He was hoping Cole would notice. When Cole licks and eats his hole he gets to know the cum taste! From inside he feels, humiliation, anger, and grief but there is another problem, he gets so horny and empties all that cum from Kenneth’s hole into his own mouth! And from this point, things gradually will change and open up.

Cole will struggle a lot, to make a balance between his dignity and his new thrill of being a cuck. The mixed emotions are portrayed wonderfully. “Every time I think about it – which seems like every second of every day – I feel sick to the stomach with dread. Each time my cock starts twitch and start to harden a bit I imagine the details, and occasionally I knock one out”. When everything gets in the open the couple decides on keeping an open relationship but things will get more complicated and harder for Cole as hard as his cock while watching his boyfriend being used by other men!. The couple starts going to the bathhouse together (that was a well-written encounter) and on another occasion, Kenneth invites a man to their house so Cole can watch if the man agrees. Loads of actions just happen.

For Cole’s thirty-fifth birthday, Kenneth arranges a surprise party that even I as a reader was not expecting something like that to happen. A party with a big bang! or perhaps a big gang bang where all comes out before all the friends and relatives! Jack Hornwood wanted to make the last action scene in the book grand and with lots of lust and humiliation. He succeeded in that and created this big super sexy scene with all these horny men coming out to cole and having fun with his boyfriend. While slutty Kenneth is my favorite character in the book, cocky Paul is definitely my favorite side character with all that attitude and extravagant lines.

Cole Got Cucked Hard is such a terrific story that has all the pillars of a masterpiece, not just in the amount of heat it carries (Trust me there is plenty of it) but also in dealing with the subject and the theme of the book in a believable way. The dual narration was deeply diving in the psychology of both the characters who were together but each one on the opposite side of the spectrum. You might agree or disagree with their actions or choices but you cannot help it being so mesmerized by them or at least appreciate their openness in regards to their sexual desires. To be honest, for me it is hard to digest that this book is a debut novel. To me, it felt that this was written by a veteran author who already wrote and released tens of books. For a debut novel, this is an extraordinary achievement and I congratulate Jack Hornwood for achieving such a feat, starting from such a high point. I will be eagerly waiting for his next book and expect it to be as amazing as this one is. If I could give this story more than five stars I would have given it that, but what I sincerely can say is that this book should not be missed. It is a must-read.


  • Cuckolding
  • Cheating
  • Bareback Sex
  • Cum Swallowing
  • Anonymous Sex
  • Bathhouse Sex
  • Threesome
  • Orgy
  • Park Sex
  • Bathroom Sex
  • Slurs
  • Rimming
  • Cruising

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