Abs Lust Homework

by Ty Debauchee

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Publication date : July 17, 2020
Series: Desire Book 3

Abs Lust Homework is the third installment in the Desire series. In this book, the readers will see how the love relationship between the two main protagonists, Ty and Garrett consolidates and gets stronger. Ty remains to be a strong pillar in Garrett’s life physically and emotionally. He not just help the guy to stand up for himself against the bullying in college but as the book title suggests he helps Garrett with his homework. Helping him with his math lessons and with his martial arts training.

I really appreciate how the author has developed this relationship. He created a beautiful friendship between the two guys in book one that turned into a love story in the second book but still, the two were not fully sure about it then. In the third book, the relationship is more advanced and the two guys are lovers and sure about each other’s emotions.

One of the main highlights in this installment is the contrast and the difference between the two boys’ families. Garrett has a funny mother, who is accepting his homosexuality but his dad is totally the opposite. On the other hand, we see how wonderful is Ty’s dad compared to Hank. Obviously, Ty has inherited all his good manners from his dad. I liked a lot how Ty decided to talk with Garrett’s mom with an open mind and heart and how she eventually understood that Ty would be the right person who can be with her son. Another thing I really liked is Ty appreciating his own parents and thanking them for their continuous support.

The sex scenes in this part of the series are as hot as the previous books but you will definitely feel more passion in them as the two guys are now lovers and it shows more in their body language and dialogue. There is a beautiful romance between them and a clear understanding. Of course, out of the two Garrett is still the one who is more vulnerable due to the circumstances and family but Ty was there for him whether it was to help him with homework, martial art training, or to make him understand himself and that it is OK to be his true himself regardless of his sexual orientation. Ty Debauchee has brought these two guys into a very solid relationship and I am very eager to see where he will take them in the next book. Loved it.

Many thanks to the author Ty Debauchee for providing me a free copy of this book. I am leaving this review voluntarily after being sent the book.


  • Coming Out
  • Homophobia
  • Blowjob
  • Cum Swallowing
  • Bareback Sex
  • Slurs

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